Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart


journal page progression

Last year was one of the hardest years of my life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.  I am struggling with health, personal, and spiritual issues.  I know the struggle will, is birthing something, I'm just not sure what and I don't like it one bit!!

I was working through thoughts yesterday in my journal.  Above is the progression of one journal page. I am a little sad I do not have the originals of each stage. I liked something about each one, but I knew I had to continue on. 

Though I did not reach any conclusions, it helped to get out on paper with word and image, feelings that were trapped inside. They need to be given a voice, even if they are not nice, happy, words. Or even the real truth of it all. Sometimes we can get to the truth by sifting through thoughts that are floating around that are not truth, but colored by pain and sadness. Sometimes in the pain and sadness truth gets distorted. It needs to be unearth, pondered, turned around, sorted through.  

It's easy to get stagnant and numb.  I have been there....I don't want to stay there. 


each new day is a fresh start...

It's a new year. A whole new year stretched out in front of us. Many of us may have made New Years resolutions, those challenging resolutions that usually fall by the wayside before January has even ended. 

I have been asking myself some questions about making resolutions. I wonder why we wait for a new year to make them. 

Most new year resolutions are about beginning something, or stopping something. 
Like loosing weight, 
getting healthy, 
spending more time with family and loved ones, 
exploring our creativity, 
more time to ponder and read, 
having more fun. 

If these things are important to us, why do we wait for a new year to begin?

Each new day is a brand new beginning. Each new day is a fresh start. We can begin anytime; we do not need to wait till a new year to begin.

From personal experience most new year resolutions don't last.  Usually sheer will power will not sustain us for long. I believe there needs to be something stronger that keeps us moving forward.

I think we need to look a little deeper. We need to ask ourselves why we choose to not do what we want, because folks it is a choice. There could be an array of things that keep us from moving forward, (I think some may be buried so deep we have no clue) and unless we discover the real reason change won't happen. 

So, I am going to be taking some time to really look at my heart, my desires, the things I want to change but don't. The things I want to learn and do but don't. And ask why?

I have found lately, I do not like to be quiet, to sit still for long. I want my moments filled with outside noise so I don't have to look inside.  That is something I am going to have to choose to do, and I suspect it will not be an easy task. But I must begin if I want to move from where I am. 

Sometimes it's easier to live where we are, even if that is not the place we want to be. But I believe we must ask ourselves why that is so. 

Take small steps


Let yourself celebrate

Their significance.

We must do the thing we think we cannot do.

It's in the doing that the strength comes.


Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a joy-filled Christmas!



I am taking Ashley Goldberg's class paint.plan.play at studiocalico. It's a fantastic class and at a great price. You get tons of ideas and examples to run with.

I love planners, and I get bored with store bought ones. I have in the past made my own pages, but it's always fun to get fresh ideas. 

The pages are so quick to make and after cutting them to fit your planner you are left with lots of wonderful scraps to use.

I like the three below, but I am a bright bold color kind of a gal, so they feel a bit pale to me.  I may end up adding something more...we'll see.


New Book

Isn't this cover fantastic!!  

It's Dawn Sokol's new book.  

And I get to be in it!  

You can pre-order the book on Amazon.  

It is expected to be out April 7, 2015.

Thank you Dawn, for another fabulous book and for asking me to be a little part of it.


a few Instagram pics

Here are some Instagram pics...I haven't posted any in awhile. If you care to see more look for maryefreeman on Instagram.